ENERAL ORRESPONDENCE AND FFICE ILESCorrespondence, memoranda, and miscellaneous subject files relating to activities of the Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Services.

Decision not to proceed with the procurement. Use your judgment when discarding receipts. IFE NSURANCE ECORDSContracts with insuring agency, enrollment cards and forms, and related material. If confirmed, the retention category is deleted from the retention schedule. Each institution and unit must manage their records in accordance with the Schedule or any Special Schedule. Health and safety records.

Obsolete: Marks content and the folder as obsolete. These sheets may be part of the poll book. Some banks charge a search and printing fees for this service, as it cannot be done at the branch level. Listen: People make mistakes. You cannot create a category.

You never know who could get their hands on it! Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA? UBLICATIONSNewsletters and publications related to the activities of the Information Technology Unit. License or Personal ID, must be retained according to the retention schedule. These records document a function of the university which was previously scattered or minimally recorded. However at home office of.

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Please enter a valid email address. The top node is created automatically. Discard as you receive current records of payments into the Social Security System.

Classes can contain other Classes, Files, or content. Barry DEAR BARRY: You are a very lucky man. These electronic message are items, final report is carried out on schedule for retention documents? Use this procedure to mark a record folder as reviewed in the Item Information page. Are there any external requirements to maintain the information, either from governmental or granting agencies?

Some financial documents need to be kept, but others can be shredded and tossed.

Copy of program code, program flowcharts, program maintenance log, system change notices, original design documents, specifications requirements, acceptance tests, and other records that document computer programs and the modifications made to computer programs.

Has the information generated and used changed? Find out about our online resources. Verify the top by the details and bdo and. Entry also includes a brief explanation. No authorization for destruction of reference or convenience copies is required. For all child folder is kept in writing new location, income and schedule for example, educational programs on. We also offer the option to digitize and electronically deliver requested documents faster than a campus delivery. Keep with applicable tax return if deducted on tax return.

Inman: When Is It Safe to Destroy Mortgage Papers? This Web Part Page has been personalized. University community to initiate a project. Rather, document that these weaknesses were identified and subsequently rectified. How do i have a meeting, each location databases and for retention documents that you must be made to classes. Equally important, when you sell your property, I believe you would have to disclose the existence of that grave. Do you consider your office the official keeper of this series?

Scholarship award letter and backup information. Copy of grade report as sent to student. Without copies of licenses, a person can face jail time for operating without the proper license. They can therefore be destroyed as soon as they have served their primary purpose. Record Series unique to one state government agency, or to a specific division of that agency.

Records of procedures for data entry, the operation of computer equipment, production control, tape library, system backup, and other aspects of a data processing operation.

Each document should be in its own plastic page. Reach out to an expert who can help you. Files maintained by Student Accessibility Services regarding services provided to specific students. Both are subject to the following retention requirements and destruction procedures. Personnel Records, because official responsibility for all personnel files was transferred to Human Resources. All members of the NSHE community.

How Do I Destroy a University Record? For a retention schedule for documents that. Termination of Employment CAUTION: Does not include criminal history checks. The General Records Retention Schedule is applicable to all county agencies.

Activation or expiration dates for internal content. Disposable Records are defined below. It may seem easier to just keep your records forever rather than setting aside time to organize them. Final disposition of the complaint or longer as required by state or federal law. Translate is an online service for which the user pays nothing to obtain a purported language translation.

Retain permanently only materials mandated by statute or materials that serve to document the history of the office or the College; destroy all remaining materials.

It does not offer legal advice, and cannot guarantee the accuracy or suitability of its content for a particular purpose.

ENERAL ORRESPONDENCE AND FFICE ILESCorrespondence, memoranda, and miscellaneous subject files relating to the activities of the Office of the Director of Finance.

Any child folders are not marked as reviewed. Service worker registration succeeded. For how long will there be a continuing need for this information for current business processes? Texas state agencies document a wider information management and retention schedule. TV, or move out of your house.

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