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It will be the task of Rumania, together with the forces concentrating there, to pin down the enemy facing her and, in addition, to render auxiliary services in the rear area.

These promptings were repeated over the years, with the Soviets always anxious to stress that ideological differences between the two governments were of no account; all that mattered was that the two countries were pursuing the same foreign policy objectives.

If we do not have these measures worked out, then Americans, British, French, who have their agencies among us, will say, that we, as they put it, are bluffing, and, consequently, will increase their pressure against us.

If he were not able to put through his plans, it would be an indication that he lacked sufficient influence, power of persuasion and tactical ability.

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The position of First Secretary Kadar, who continues the posture of observing the broad framework of a planned socialist economy and giving the people as much freedom as possible within that framework, is very stable. Income contact information for property becomes.

These manifestations of the intention of the Stalin government are calculated in the first place, while safeguarding its own interests, to relieve the tension between the Soviet Union and Germany and to create a better atmosphere for the future.

Guidelines issued to the KPD in the British zone observed that conditions were ripe for unifying the working class in this zone and instructed the party to work towards this goal.

In this connection he stated with satisfaction that the economic discussions in Berlin were continuing and apparently promised good results. Manchurian frontier seem to have been quite serious.

Molotov read it through attentively and declared that the matter was so important for the Soviet Government that it would reply in writing. Rumania to cede Bessarabia to Russia without a fight.

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Russia is the only country that has a good grain harvest and therefore might be in a position to continue with large shipments.