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Ask the Recruiting Agent to show to you the Demand Letter and Power of Attorney from the foreign employer. Applicants are requested to read the above mentioned General Instructions carefully before applying for Misc. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The POA must be duly stamped, notarized or adjudicated as per the case. Now my oci application approved and got msg to send my old oci card. Pleasure working with you getting the authentication for Argentina! Please consult the website of your nearest consulate general for details. The mom no longer has the mental abilities to know what she is signing. Cox and kings WEBSITE is not updated and it does not allow select other jurisdiction. Witnesses need to be submitted.

Special power of Attorney is to be made by a person when any particular or specific task or act is to be done. Normally SAME Day, if the application is complete in all respects AND documents uploaded on MHA website properly. Photocopies of these documents may be attached with the application. You legally responsible adult must say the new requirements, the anxiety he made for. What is Palliative Care? Already have an account?