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The office shall promptly notify the insurer of such reinstatement, and the insurer shall not consider its certificate of authority reinstated until so notified by the office.

Work papers include planning documentation, work programs, analyses, memoranda, letters of confirmation and representation, abstracts of company documents, and schedules or commentaries prepared or obtained in the course of such examination or investigation.

During the period of suspension, the insurer shall file with the office all documents and information and pay all license fees and taxes as required under this code as if the certificate had continued in full force.

Any other entity which is examined or investigated or which is eligible to be examined or investigated under the provisions of the Florida Insurance Code.

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The office shall, within existing resources, develop and implement an outreach program for the purpose of encouraging the entry of additional insurers into the Florida market.

In the event the fund is unable to pay its obligations, policyholders will be required to contribute on a pro rata earned premium basis the money necessary to meet any unfilled obligations.

Agency for Health Care Administration to identify potential insurance coverage for claims filed with that agency and its fiscal agents for payment of medical services under the Medicaid program.

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Commissioners use the NAIC to pool scarce resources, to discuss issues of common concern and to align their oversight of the industry.